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Have questions? First check the known issues, then browse through the FAQs below or ask a question in the anthologize-users discussion group.

Do I need to be running WordPress to use Anthologize?
Yes, WordPress 3.0 or higher with PHP 5.

Can I install this on
No, Anthologize is not a plugin available to users.

How will this affect my existing blog posts?
Your original posts will be unaffected; Anthologize copies your posts to a separate library.

Will this include images available in my posts?
Yes. The TEI output will include links to images, the PDF output will print the images included in your content, and the ePub will include the images in the package for display on your device.

Will this include comments available in my posts?
Not yet, but this will be coming soon.

Can I use this to publish a document I already have in Microsoft Word?
Only if you create a WordPress post by cutting and pasting your Word content into the WordPress editor.

Can I publish this to Microsoft Word?
Not in the current version. DocX output support will be included in future versions, as well as ODT for OpenOffice users.

In what formats can I publish?
ePub, PDF, and TEI. If you are familiar with TEI, you can use that format to create your own derivative formats. The current release also includes a rudimentary RTF output process based on a static template.

Can I see what it will look like before I publish?
Not the entire publication, but you can preview each item within the WordPress editing interface.

Can I change the look of the exported publication?
You can modify the design using the standard WordPress editing interface.

How can I get a bound paper copy?
We are not offering this as a service, but there are many services that can publish bound paper copies from a PDF.

How can I make the published copy available on my blog?
You can upload the TEI, PDF, and ePub output files to your blog, or wherever you like.

What if I delete my published copy?
Simply export another file from Anthologize; select “Export Project” from the administrative panel.

What if I change my mind about something after I publish?
You can make changes within Anthologize and publish your project again.