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Latest Release: Anthologize 0.7

WordPress 3.0+ and PHP 5 required for installation. Please note that at this time Anthologize cannot be installed on blogs hosted at

Please remember that this is an alpha release of a prototype and would be best installed in a test environment rather than a production environment the first time around. Please feel free to ask questions in the anthologize-users group.

See the full changelog.

Anthologize 0.7:

  • Refactored loading process for better performance in various hosting situations
  • Fixes validation issues with epub exports
  • Fixes permissions issues with PDF export by moving TCPDF cache location to WP upload directory
  • Localization fixes
  • Added Spanish translation
  • Improvements to HTML export format
  • PHP 5.4+ compatibility
  • Improved adherence to WordPress coding standards
  • Added a Credits section

Anthologize 0.6.2-alpha:

  • Improved compatibility with WP 3.3

Anthologize 0.6.1-alpha features the following improvements:

  • Fixed a bug that may have caused whitescreens on exports in certain environments
  • Added some unit tests

Anthologize 0.6-alpha, our last major feature release, included the following core features:

  • The new Preview feature gives you a fast, simple HTML preview of a project, part, or item;
  • Exports, especially PDF, have been greatly optimized reducing the number of “Memory limit exceeded” errors;
  • Character encoding support has improved, especially for Chinese, Japanese and Korean;
  • RTF export has been rewritten and reintroduced – still experimental, but far more flexible than in previous releases;
  • Role control lets blog administrators limit Anthologize users to Authors, Editors, or Administrators;
  • New multisite awareness allows the network admin to override site-specific role settings, or set a site-specific default minimum role for Anthologize access;
  • Export formatting capabilities are improved, including better tables of contents, cover images for ePub, and breadcrumbs for PDF;
  • Finally, many bugs have been fixed.

Known Issues

Anthologize is currently an alpha release—a rapidly created prototype—and has its fair share of issues. We have listed some of the know issues below; please feel free to discuss your issues, questions, and feature requests in the anthologize-users group. A full list of known issues is available in the Anthologize github page.

  • When importing an external feed rather than the items already in your WordPress blog, you must specify the URL to this feed. If you have previously exported a feed and would like to import it, you must first place that feed on a server accessible via HTTP—the file upload function is not currently in place.
  • When listing the available items for dragging into your project, the items only appear in reverse chronological order; currently there is no mechanism for sorting these items by date, author, title, or post/page/media type.