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Future Plans

After several months of hiatus, Anthologize development will begin again soon.  Following a successful IndieGoGo campaign, Boone Gorges has raised funds for more work on this plugin.  His blogpost at Teleogistic explains some of his future plans.

Though more specifics will come soon, Boone confirms that his highest priority “will be to reduce the memory footprint for better performance on shared hosting.” Patrick Murray-John has also confirmed his intention to incorporate comments into Anthologize publications.


Anthologize was originally created in one week as a major first step and proof-of-concept in creating an open-source electronic publishing tool for humanities scholarship.

The road map for future releases is feature-rich and includes plans such as:

  • Importing blog comments into your editing environment and transform them into endnotes or footnotes;
  • Importing content via URL when an RSS feed is unavailable;
  • Maintaining version control of the individual items in a project;
  • Creating editions of your electronic documents;
  • Providing an annotation interface for adding editorial comments during
    the crafting process;
  • Developing an interface to aid in the construction of document indexes.

For current known issues with Anthologize, please see the Download page.